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Molly is a Border Collie, that's me, living with her owner, henceforth known as Daddy, near the foothills of Washington states Cascade mountains.
   This is a chronicle of  my life with Daddy as I grow up trying to stay out of trouble while having fun and excitement.   Daddy says the trouble part comes naturally to me.
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A Rocky Start​

In Daddy's legacy of dog friends there was Cole.  Cole went everywhere with Daddy, as
do all Daddy's Dog friends.  Cole braved rough seas in Daddy's sailboat and even rode
along in Daddy's helicopter to weekend sightseeing gigs sleeping most of the way to and
Sadly, Cole got caught under the wheel of a van leaving Daddy's home.  Daddy rushed
him off to the Vet only to receive the sad news Cole's spine had been severed and would
have to be euthanized.  In telling me this story Daddy could not go on any further and had to take
a break for he still mourns for Cole.
    Two years after the passing of Cole, Daddy got Max as a 10 week old ball of energy known as
a Border Collie.  He already had 2 horses, Denarious and Donnor and a  white faced Angus bull
that was born at Daddy's home, named, Mr. Bull.  A tabby kitty named Willow came along about
the same time as Jackson.  Max needed a brother his size to play with and when Max was 4 years
old Daddy came across a Black Lab puppy, Jackson, that had been abandoned.  It was a perfect
fit and they spent the next 7 years together  along with Willow who, sadly got taken by an Owl or
coyote at age 4.    Daddy  had never had 2 more loyal friends such as those guys.  Fast forward
to 2014.  Max developed Hip dyslatia and it got to the point where Max could not negotiate even
one step up as arthiritis took over followed by a kidney infection.
    Four months before the Kidney infection Daddy's family, Max and Jackson too, they all went on a vacation with Daddy's family members. Daddy had to carry Max up any stairs, be it one step or 14 and the small incline to the beach.  To compound that ailment Max started suffering even more in July 2014 with the kidney infection getting worse.  
     Daddy lived in Skykomish, Wa. at the time and had just bo't a house in Gold Bar, Wa.  Max was able to enjoy the new place for about 2 weeks.  By then he was barely eating, losing weight rapidly and in constant pain.  Everything the Vet and I did was to no avail. 
     Oct 20, 2014 was a wet drizzly day. That morning  Daddy's sister took Max to her Vet to have him
  It was so painful to see him that way.  Daddy could not go with them, being an
emotional wreck at his loss.
In the early summer of 2015 Jackson developed a spinal problem that rendered his hind quarters useless.  His bowel and kidney functions were uncontrolled.  Daddy put down dozens of blankets,
towels and soaker pads all over the living room floor.  He had to express Jackson
several times a day.  That kept Jacksons bladder relatively empty thereby not to
much uncontrolled urination inside the house.  Two months before passing, Jackson
had to drag his hind quarters and legs to the porch steps and sort of bark/whine that
he wanted to come in.  With a harness and ramp Daddy made, he was able to help
Jackson in and out of the house.  It was a hot period in July and August of that year. 
Jackson spent parts of his days laying on the lawn but even in the shade it was
unbearably hot in Jacksons condition.  Daddy bought an A/C unit to keep Jackson cool, Daddy too of course.  It made him much more comfortable  The last week of his life the kidney infection just over whelmed him and the last 2 days he just lay on the lawn not moving hardly
at all.  His body would just quiver in pain until it was no use.  It was like he was
already gone.  August 18, 2015 Daddy took him into the Vet to have him euthanized.
     As Daddy tells it, the passing of Max after 14 years was very sad for him.  Then to
have Jackson pass at age 11 was devastating. 
     After 3 months Daddy had a very lonely heart and needed a new companion to

fill that void.  That is where I come in.
     Daddy cruised the animal shelters in the area trying to find a rescued dog that
would fit into Daddys life.
    On December 1, 2015 he went to see a litter of four Border Collie/Springer Spaniel mix.  It was instant with Daddy.  He scooped me up and off we went to my new home.  I was excited with anticipation.  My new home was a fully fenced 1/2 acre with grass, trees, flowers and beautiful shrubs.  I was in heaven -
until the next day.
     Daddy and his sister had to go to Seattle for most of the day so he put me in a
fenced area with ingress and egress to the house with Mimi, his sisters dog. 
And they left. I had no idea what happened or where Daddy was.  Have I been
abandoned ?  My Border Collie brain took over and I found a little tiny space I
could squeeze through and I took off.  After a few hours I realized I had no idea
where I was.  So I just hunkered down in the bushes of a house where no one
seemed to be home.  As the sun went down a Real Estate lady saw me and took
me home with her.  Daddy, his sister, her husband and the social media, lots of
people, were looking for me. It took some real effort with posters, talking to neighbors, Face book, PAWs and the Everett animal shelter to be on the look out.  Finally Homeward animal adoption center in Woodinville was the one that the Real estate lady called and that put me back in Daddy's hands that evening. What an emotional ride that was.

I am happy to say, ever since, Daddy is happier, I am enjoying my new home.  And guess what.  There are squirrels here.  SQUIRRELS !