Mollys Business
Molly is a Border Collie, that's me, living with her owner, henceforth known as Daddy, near the foothills of Washington states Cascade mountains.
   This is a chronicle of  my life with Daddy as I grow up trying to stay out of trouble while having fun and excitement.   Daddy says the trouble part comes naturally to me.
   I have a store that  we can offer you a huge variety of gifts and products for fun and daily living in affiliation with Cascade Business Partners.
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Daily Routine

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Our day starts with Daddy stirring in bed.  That is my signal to crawl up on his chest and he will start brushing me.  Sometimes he slows down and we both fall back to sleep for another 20 or 30 minutes.  If that happens the second try at waking up is a lot easier and the brushing starts in earnest.  I love just laying very still soaking up the attention Daddy gives me.​​​
    Once we are both fully awake he unceremoniously boots me off the bed
and out the door.  I look for squrrels and do my private business, then back
into the house.
     By then Daddy is mostly dressed and ready to feed the birds.  Outside
we go.
    We walk around the property looking for anything out of the ordinary. 
I check the fence, go out to the gate and look up and down the road, back
into the yard I look for mole hills. Daddy hates Moles, they dig up his lawn
that he meticulously cares for.  Slugs too.   He shows no mercy towards
     We decide what projects to undertake that particular day.  He fills the
bird feeder and continues looking for things that need attention first
thing in the morning. If the lawn needs watering he gets that underway and dead-heads and trims
the plants, keeping them looking good.
    Next is my second favorite thing. Breakfast! I love breakfast because Daddy lets me lick the plate

clean. That way I get some tasty treat and he can simply put the dishes away I do such a great job.
    Once that grueling task is complete Daddy goes into his office and looks at a screen of some

sorts for awhile, sometimes until noon!  What is so exciting about it I will never know. I get bored so I go looking for things to do on my own.  Anyway, soon he comes outside and we play games. He wants me to do some of the games over and over. It's ok for 15 minutes but then I get bored and just quit, going off to play something else.
    After play time Daddy gets the tractor out and we go digging in the dirt. There is that double standard again. He gets too, I don't. unless I go to the spare dirt piles and there he lets me dig up a storm throwing dirt all over the place. Sometimes he has a heart.

    Lunch time.  
After lunch we lay in the hammock or in the lawn swing, in the summer.  That is when I am
writing this.That is pretty cool. That and more play time. I like tug-of-war but daddy thinks it
encourages me to bite. Probably so, so we play keep away more often than not.. I bring him
a toy and as he reaches for it I take off like a bolt of lightning. Again, 15 minutes is enough and
Daddy goes about his business in the yard or we go get food at the store.           
    By then it is late afternoon and Daddy likes to watch the news on the TV. I usually lay next to
him gazing out the window looking for moments of unrest. Squirrels, if you know what I
mean. While the news is on and I lay guard against intruders Daddy starts dinner. He
fusses around and clangs pots and pans together but finally he has something palatable,
barely. If I were human I don't think I would eat it but the juices etc. he leaves on his plate
are good, so I do my duty and clean them up for him.
    Entering the shutdown for the night we go outside and rough house around, locking up

the sheds, turning the water off at the main spigot, resting in the lawn swing, enjoying
the view. I like the hammock too. Both are relaxing. I find it a little hard to relax. I am always
looking around and running off to investigate noises and voices.
    Soon it is time to go inside. Daddy puts things away and goes into his office.

I start laying around and by the time it is dark I am out for the night.
    Now for the wierd part. Daddy has a TV show that starts at 2 AM. He actually gets
up and dishes up some ice cream in a bowl. He thinks it's just a small bowl but it's
really HUGE! Oh, sometimes he will have an ice cream bar-2 of them. I don't bother
getting up until I hear the scraping of the bottom of the bowl, then I am right there to
clean it up. Hey, someones got to do it. Yeah, I hear that all the time.
   Well, it is is very easy to fall back asleep.  After all, it is 2:30 in the mornng - middle of the night - and the night passes. Soon, eerily slow, the sun rises over the mountains and we start all over again.

When we are not eating, sleeping or Daddy hiding in his office, we have lots of gradening and upkeep on the proerty and house.  But it isn't all that.  We play a lot.  Ev ery few days Daddy makes me jump through the jump.  I go from the picnic table ,through the jump, turn around, back through the jump and back on the picnic table, cookie.

Some activities at home

Front legs tucked

 Extend the rear legs staighten the front legs a quick 180 turn and back through to the table and a cookie.                           
Strong push off

From the table
I have this wierd urge to chase sheep but there are no sheep here.  We have a small tractor, doesn't that make this property a farm?   Shouldn't there be sheep?  It has been explained to me that the tractor is for mowing the grass and not all farms have sheep.  Besides we aren't a farm.  Hmm. 

Don't forget that part of any daily routine should include some lawn swing time.
And/or the hammock.  That is really nice too.  Especially when the leaves on the shade tree above, rustle in the breeze.
Don't forget the pool.  Great for cooling off.  Daddy won't actually get in.  He says it is "to cold". He'll put his feet in but that's it.  Big chicken.